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Our Wines

Fun, food friendly, crowd pleasing wines - that's Boy Meets Girl.


Our range of wines are all medium bodied, food friendy styles, because that's what we love making and personally enjoy drinking.  They are good quality, value for money wines that will fit into any occasion... catching up with friends, weekend dinner party, quiet night in or even a big wedding celebration.


Now don't misinterpret what we mean by fun.  We're very serious about the wines we make and put into bottle.  We just feel there's enough boring wine talk out there already, and these wines don't belong in that world.  Wine should be fun, something to relax with and enjoy, something to share and celebrate – even if it’s just celebrating the end of a work day.


Each of our BMG wines are made in a style that we love and appreciate.  We blend our Sauvignon Blanc with Semillon because it brings added flavour and dimension, we give our Pinot Grigio time on its skins to add texture, depth and a hint of colour. Our easy drinking Shiraz Cabernet and Cabernet Merlot blends are flavourful and fruit driven while our Sangiovese and Durif are interesting, medium bodied single varietals, all of which complement but not overpower food. Our popular Pink Moscato is the perfect balance of bubbles, fruit and sweetness, while our Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir is a good, all-rounder... and perfect Spring/Summer sipping.


We hope you enjoy our wines as much as we've enjoyed making (and drinking) them.


For a little more info on each individual wine, click on the links below:


Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Sparkling Pink Moscato

Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Pinot Grigio

Shiraz Cabernet

Cabernet Merlot




"Chock full of rich, ripe berries with a delicious sharp, peppery undertone and a remarkably smooth finish."

Jane Walker

Naked Wines Angel

2018 BMG Shiraz Cabernet

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