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Decanter: 'Most Exciting Wines of 2017'

Some brilliant news overnight. Our 2015 Family Reserve Chardonnay - exclusive to Naked Wines (UK and AU) has been rated as one of the world's 'Most exciting wines of 2017' in Decanter UK's January edition, released this week.

This is the only wine from Naked Wines that was selected. It was also one of only four Australian wines selected - and is the best value of all four, at almost half their price.

There were 173 wines from more than 20 countries nominated for this tasting, and only the top 75 were featured in the magazine.

This is a small excerpt from the article, or view the full article here.


Decanter experts around the world named the five bottles under £55 that had impressed them the most this year. After tasting and rating the 173 nominated wines, assessing them on harmony, complexity and wow factor, our panel of three judges compiled the ultimate top 75 across all styles.

"Such a fantastic array - these wines are the wines the Decanter experts love and believe in."

Oz Clarke

To finish the year in style, our 'stellar buys of the year' is back by popular demand. The equivalent tasting last year was so memorable we decided to follow the same format, asking our contributors, DWWA Regional Chairs and the Decanter editorial team to share with us the wines they have most enjoyed drinking during the past 12 months. We stipulated a price limit of £55per bottle, to ensure the list includes something delicious for every budget.

This tasting is a snapshot of the wines from around the world that our experts loved most. With wines from more than 20 countries, the selection showed real diversity geographically and stylistically. The nominations also illustrated the trends of the past year. Last year we had a surprisingly large number of orange and amphora wines, while this year sees a good number of unusual grape varieties fro emerging countries, alongside the usual suspects.

To read the full article, download here. (2MB)


Oz Clarke: is a multiple award winning wine writer and broadcaster. In 2010 he was made an officer of the Ordre du Mérite Agricole in France.

Christelle Guibert: is Decanter's international tastings director, with more than 21 years' experience in the wine industry in France and the UK.

Andy Howard MW: is a wine consultant who writes and judges regularly for Decanter. He has 30 years' experience as a buyer for retailer Marks & Spencer.

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