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Pay it Forward #2020

2020 has been tough.  For many it continues to be tough. 


Our family and small business, like so many, have been through the wringer this year.  For us, it all started in late 2019.  Many Australian wineries and vineyards were hit with all, or a combination of; drought, hail, bush fires, smoke taint and record breaking heat spikes, leading into the 2020 harvest earlier this year. 


Then Covid-19 hit. 


We saw many of our local businesses shut down.  Many of the restaurants we supplied, close.  Everyone bunkered down.  Worry set in.  However we remained strangely calm.  Because we just happened to have some Guardian Angels looking over our shoulders.  Helping us through this unprecedented time.


This year, the help from Naked Wines Angels has meant more to us than you could possibly know. We’re seeing a small light at the end of the 2020 tunnel, and your support has helped us through this incredibly difficult, uncertain year.  Our small business might not be here today if it wasn’t for you all.


You have helped us.  So much. 

And now, we want to pay it forward.


We know there are many people out there, still doing it tough. We all know someone who desperately needs a little ray of sunshine in their life right now.  A thought, some hope.  Something to let them know they’re not alone.  That someone is thinking of them.


So here’s what we want to do.....

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Santolin - Nov 2020 -3577-web.jpg


We want you to nominate that person. 


It might be a family member who’s ill, it might be a former co-worker who’s recently lost their job, it could be your paramedic neighbour who’s been working tirelessly on the front line through all of this.  Whoever it is that you think needs this ray of sunshine right now, we want you to let us know. 


Then, every week, beginning 23/11/20 until Christmas, we will select 25 people from the nominations we’re sent and send them a Yarra Valley gift hamper. 


That will total 100 gift hampers over a four week period.


This gift hamper will be made up entirely of local produce we’ve sourced from within a 10km radius of where we live. 


Supporting small, local businesses right now is also our goal.


This hamper will include this small card, and various goodies from small, local producers such as:

1. Hop Hen Brewing

2. Crumbs Yarra Valley Gourmet Biscuits

3. Ministry of Chocolate, Handmade Yarra Valley Chocolates

4. Preserved AS, a range of preserves hand crafted by local Yarra Valley Chef Sean Thomson

5. And of course, a bottle of Boy Meets Girl wine.

You can nominate someone 2 ways:

1. Send us an email at,

2. PM us on Instagram or Facebook.   


In your message, let us know:

1. The name and postal address of the person you’re nominating

2. A brief description of why they need this 

Christmas is coming up, and for many, it will be a very different Christmas.  We want to keep the brightness going and pay forward the kindness we’ve received this year.  It’s the very least we can do!

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