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Sparkling Pink Moscato

The Info

Alcohol     7%

Drink        As soon as it's chilled!


The Winemaking

Traditional sweeter Muscat varieties were sourced from selected vineyards and picked early to keep the alcohol low. Once crushed, the juice spends a small amount of time on its skins to extract the lovely pink colour and delicate fruit flavours. 


The Wine

Fairy floss, musk and pink grapefruit lift the aromas in this fun and lively wine. The palate is fresh with strawberries, limes and rose petals while a lingering sweet cherry finish rounds out the mouth. Serve well chilled in the company of friends, fun and frivolity. 


The Food

The perfect party starter, this crowd pleasing wine is fantastic splashed over a tumbler of ice with a handful of mixed berries, muddled lime and a sprig of mint, or poured neat into tall, elegant flutes. It will also make a good match to the classic Australian dessert of cracked, marshmellowy pavlova filled with lashings of whipped cream, banana and strawberries all drizzled with a tangy lime and berry syrup.


Serve this wine as chilled as you possibly can - add ice if needed, and enjoy!


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