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Vintage has arrived!

We are now well and truly in the thick of vintage. It started a little later than usual this year, with the cool start to the growing season back in Spring - remember those cold, rainy, wintry spring days? But the warm, dry weather these past few weeks has assisted with ripening and the grapes are looking and tasting fantastic.

All of our whites have now been picked. Some of the fruit for our 2017 Pinot Grigio made its way into the winery recently, and it looks incredible - check out the colour of the skins in the pics below. The berries were full of flavour which will all transfer into the wine, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for this one when we release it later this year.

Our bigger reds are due into the winery over the next week or two and if this weather continues to shine as planned, we should be in for a few cracker wines ... if we do say so ourselves!

Happy vintage!

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