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'In The Stars'

"Our story began in 1999 when we first met and dreamt of making our own wine. In 2012 with a little help from some Naked Angels, that dream became a reality. Now ten years on we've achieved more than we ever thought possible. This special release is dedicated to you. We were meant to find each other. It was 'In the Stars...'

We are so pleased to present our once in a decade anniversary wines, which are now live on the Naked Wines Australia site.

They are a once-off release with extremely limited amounts available.

There is a Sparkling and a Shiraz.

The front label on both bottles depict the constellation over Sydney on the 28th June 2012, the very night ten years ago that we launched our wines with the new Naked Wines Australia team.

These wines have been made exclusively for the Naked Wines Angels.

Our 2021 Shiraz was made last year from a stellar vintage, in preparation to release as our thank you gift this year. This wine has been made using a blend of fruit from select vineyards here in Victoria from growers we've worked with over these past ten years, and is a ‘Thank you’ for your support of not only us, but our incredibly important local grape growing community.

We recommend getting in super quick to snatch it up as there are strictly limited amounts available, and once it's gone, it's gone forever.

Tasting Notes

Deep, dark and brooding. Intense purple colour, full flavoured with notes of dark cherry and black plum, with background notes of chocolate, white pepper and savoury spice. Long, lingering finish.

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Every year, since our beginning in 2012, we have kept back a small parcel of fruit from every vintage so that in 2022, on our 10 year anniversary we could release this incredibly special, incredibly rare sparkling wine and share it with you all. The time has now come to (literally) enjoy the fruits from ten years of winemaking. Cheers to 10 more years!

Tasting notes:

A dry style bubbles with fresh, lively citrus flavours enhanced with creamy, slightly nutty yeast characters, bringing both richness and structure. The finish is soft, crisp and clean. A stunning way to celebrate 10 years!

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